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Shipyard Transporter

SHT Transporters from SCHEUERLE and KAMAG have revolutionized the transportation of individual sections to completed ships in the shipbuilding industry. Loads of 1,000 tons and more can be moved using only one vehicle. By combining several vehicles to form one large unit, loads of 15,000 tons and more can be transported. Precise steering, and powerful lifting capabilities make the SHT from SCHEUERLE and KAMAG an indispensable piece of equipment in the shipbuilding industry.

Shipyard Transporter Features:

• Highly developed standardized units with the flexibility for customization to meet specific needs
• Proven proprietary control technology: functional and reliable.
• Extremely durable, heavy-duty vehicle construction
• Off-the-shelf branded components for the drive, hydraulics, and electronics
• SCHEUERLE pendulum axle technology
• Heavy-duty platform construction
• Powerful Hydrostatic Drive
• Pneumatic braking system
• Electronic / hydraulic multi-directional steering system
• Electronic / hydraulic equal lift system, operated by joystick

• 700 mm lift for axle compensation in case of uneven ground or when raising the platform
• Ideal for the transportation of segments with high center of gravity position
• 3-point or 4-point support for optimal axle compensation
• On-board computer with touch screen for operation, programming (in coupled mode) and for diagnostics
• Remote Control Operation Optional
• Can be coupled in open compound with another SHT
• GPS monitoring
• Excellent stability even with extra wide loads
• With a steering angle of 165 degrees in either direction, the pendulum axle technology makes the SHT a very maneuverable transporter in tight spaces. Different steering programs such as all wheel steering, diagonal steering, rear / front-wheel steering and circle steering (where the transporter
turns on its own axis), can be carried out with great precision using pendulum axle technology

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