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Mouvers designs and manufactures specialty systems for moving industrial equipment. Electro-hydraulic units that are extremely innovative, conceived and developed to meet a variety of challenges in handling heavy loads. Modular systems that make the handling, assembly and movement of heavy industrial machines, tools and materials in the energy, aerospace, marine and nuclear sectors is the focus of Mouvers.
Apollo System 2.0
A three trolley system that handles loads up to 75 tons. The Apollo 2.0 features Remote Control operation Battery Powered or Electric Power Pack Units and the flexibility needed to move large, heavy loads in tight locations.
A new, safe, and cost-effective way of handling heavy loads inside industrial facilities; Based on a modular crawler bogy, can be set in multiple compounds to accommodate the capacity needed. The Voyager is extremely compact and versatile capable of handling loads up to several hundred tons. The basic set up includes 4 Voyager units connected together with suitable connecting bars both lengthwise and sidewise: almost at any distance plus a Power Pack unit
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