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TII GROUP of Germany is the world leader in Heavy Load, Specialized Transport solutions. Encompassing the SCHEUERLE, KAMAG and TIIGER Brands, TII GROUP produces the very best in pendulum axle transporters. SPMTs, Hydraulic Trailers, Shipyard Transporters, Slag Pot Carriers and more are skillfully manufactured at these renown factories.
Founded in 1869 by Willie Scheuerle and developed by Senator E. H. Otto Rettenmaier into the largest manufacturer of modular platform vehicles in the world. SCHEUERLE Offers an amazing line up of specialized transporters.
Established in 1969, KAMAG Transporttechnik located in Ulm. KAMAG is active in the production of industrial vehicles, modular transporters, and vehicles for terminal logistics. Whether you’re in metal processing, shipbuilding or specialized solutions – KAMAG is known globally for their reliability, efficiency and service
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