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Hydraulic Trailer Inter CombiTII GROUP:
Modular Trailers for Road Transport

The Hydraulic Platform trailer has been designed to handle the challenging demands imposed by long distance transportation of heavy loads on public roads as well as the special challenges involved in moving massive loads of plant and construction equipment on industrial sites. The InterCombi Series and K22 Hydraulic Trailers have been designed for the safe transport of extremely heavy loads over public roads.
Inter Combi TrailerThese trailers have a 36 ton axle load capacity and the ability to operate at speeds of up to 50mph. In the most diverse areas of application and functionality, the InterCombi series from SCHEUERLE provides a cost-effective and reliable solution. The InterCombi series can be used not only as over the road trailers, but also as a selfpropelled platform vehicle when coupled with a Power Pack Unit (PPU). On roads with longer upward gradients the PPU can also function as a supporting drive unit or Power Booster to avoid a second tractor. When in the powered mode the InterCombi can be easily controlled by a single operator via remote control. The InterCombi can be maneuvered wonderfully in tight spaces when compared to a similar configuration using a tractor. This is a critical advantage particularly when navigating industrial job sites. Additionally, the PPU can be pivoted upwards (12°) – so ramps can easily be negotiated.
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