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Beginning in 1982 A2C designs and builds a wide range of innovative, reliable, and efficient hydro-mechanical equipment. Focusing on the industrial handling and timber industry, the experience and creativity of A2C provides timely and professional service and technical assistance for your projects.
The Turtle
A motorized, compact, multidirectional platform for moving loads up to 120 tons on different types of surfaces. Fully hydraulic, the Turtle can roll on hard, level and load bearing surfaces with up to 25 tons of load. Beyond this load or to cross an obstacle or on various types of terrain, this selfpropelled platform can:
• Walk (forward and backward),
• Turn on itself (clockwise and counterclockwise)
• Lift the load using the integrated crutches.
The TURTLE moves and places heavy loads where a forklift, overhead hoist or mobile crane cannot reach
Features and Advantages:
• 50 ton playload capacity
• 80 ton playload capacity
• 120 ton playload capacity
• 200 ton playload capacity
• The Turtle walks with maximum load on any floor surface; Concrete, Asphalt, Gravel, Hard Floor, Slope, Obstacles
• JACKING SYSTEM INTEGRATED INTO THE TURTLE The hydraulic cylinders at the four corners of the TURTLE allow various operations: Jacking of the loads for wedging Self-loading of the TURTLE and its load on a low bed trailer Clearing of obstacles (such as doorsteps) Load weighing (optional feature) This feature is directly activated from the control board.
• THE TURTLE WALKS SIDE-TO-SIDE (OPTIONAL FEATURE) In the optional “lateral mode,” two double-acting hydraulic cylinders activate the transversal displacement of the jacking system along machined slides in the frame. This setup enables the TURTLE to move laterally from right to left and from left to right. This mode is ideal for realigning the load or to move it from one opening to another.
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